Boat Anchors

Boat Anchors

Our boat anchors are designed for easy setting in many different waters and seabeds, giving you a reliable solution wherever the voyage takes you. Our anchors are a combination of innovative design and expert engineering. Choose from a variety of styles, including fluke, claw, delta and more for your boating needs. If you're not sure which anchor is best for your boat, check out our Ultimate Guide to Boat Anchor Types.

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Lewmar delta anchors - top performing boat anchors Lewmar delta anchors - top performing boat anchors

Top-Performing Boat Anchors

Boaters need a top-performing anchor that will quickly set in various seabed environments. Our boat anchor collection ranges from river anchors to claw, fluke and more, all the result of a perfect combination of innovative design and expert engineering. With a wide range of best-in-class boat anchor sizes, we have the perfect fit for your vessel.

Constructed with high-grade stainless steel and expert engineering, boaters around the globe rely on our anchors to drop and set quickly, ease of use and have a high holding power. Many of our anchors are certified by Lloyds Register for their holding power, proving their strength and performance.

We have the anchors you need for your size and type of boat whether you are enjoying a quiet day fishing on an inland lake or racing in the high seas. Excellence meets performance.

Lippert is a global manufacturer and supplier of top-performing boat accessories and components serving the boat industry with dependable products, from the smallest jon boat to the largest megayacht and everything in between.

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