Regulatory & Marker Buoys

Our regulatory buoys are a top choice among states, municipalities and private harbors. Whether you need a regulatory buoy, marker buoy or fishing buoy, all our buoys are built tough to withstand the rigors of the marine setting. Shop our complete selection and find what you need to stay safe and in compliance. For an in-depth look at regulatory buoy markings, check out our Ultimate Guide to Buoy Markings and Meanings.

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Dropping marker buoy into the waterDropping marker buoy into the water

Marker Buoys Trusted by Boaters

Regulatory buoys let boaters know of warnings on the water. Boaters and marinas rely on our buoys with the internal concrete ballast and collar ring to keep the buoys visible and upright. The closed-cell foam doesn’t absorb water and the tough polyethylene outer shell is UV-resistant.

Our regulatory buoys have been meeting the requirements of states, municipalities and private harbors because of their strength and durability. Our buoys feature rotationally molded, high-density poly shells that withstand the toughest of applications.

Equip your boat with our regulatory and marker buoys for warnings, setting up a water ski course or to find the fish. These buoys are constructed to last with their innovative design and durable materials. Stay safe with our buoys.

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