Boaters rely on the excellent construction and performance of Taylor Made buoys! Our complete collection includes mooring options, regulatory, marker, commercial, low-drag and more. Find the best option for your needs from the brand that has set the industry standard for design and durability.

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Boat buoy floating in the waterBoat buoy floating in the water

Practice Boat Safety!

Buoys are an important part of boat safety and need to be durable and visible. Lippert supplies marinas, municipalities and private harbors with regulatory floats and markers that feature rotationally molded, high-density poly shells that stand up to the toughest applications. Plus, we offer a three-year flotation warranty on our hard skin options.

Equip your boat with our marker buoys to create a water ski racecourse, or to communicate with other boaters about no wake zones, or potential hazards. Made to last, our products feature a uniform wall thickness and don’t crack over time. They have an extremely strong shell and take on the toughest applications.

Don’t forget our Sur-Mark labels! They are brightly colored for visibility, fade-resistant and self-adhesive so you can adorn them with letters or numbers.

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