Windlasses & Anchor Winches

When boaters want the best in windlasses, they look to Lewmar. For decades, we have been manufacturing top-performing windlasses and winches, designed for the specific size and weight of your boat. This promotes optimal performance in setting and pulling up your anchor.

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Boat windlasses and anchor winchesBoat windlasses and anchor winches

High-Quality Anchor Winches & Windlasses

Whether you’re looking for an anchoring system for your fishing boat, sailboat or powerboat, we have what you need. Choose from horizontal, vertical and fishing options all focused on top-performing windlasses making it easy to drop and retrieve in the appropriate seabed environment.  

Expertly engineered by our anchor experts, Lewmar takes considerable pride in precision engineering of these windlasses for a great anchoring system. Made from the highest-grade materials, our windlasses and anchor winches will keep your boat securely anchored.  

Boaters need a system that will keep their anchors in working order and will set and retrieve quickly and easily. Our anchor winches help with the performance of the windlasses, giving you peace of mind when on the water.

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