Bimini Top Hardware & Accessories

We have you covered with bimini top hardware! Choose from bimini parts for SureShade and Taylor Made, including actuators, replacement canvas and more. Our bimini top accessories collection has what you need for a top-performing bimini on your boat, including manual and power options.

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Bimini top hardwareBimini top hardware

Keep Your Bimini Top at Peak Performance

Our collection of bimini top hardware includes deck hinges, slide assemblies, jaw slides, eye ends, support pole, rail fittings, tie down straps and more. These bimini parts are what you need to keep your bimini top performing, so you don’t have to miss a day on the water.

Keep your tops in excellent working condition with our wide selection of boat canopy parts that are simple to replace. Made with the finest quality materials, our bimini top accessories are designed to last for many boating seasons and they last in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Boaters love how easy our bimini top boat parts are to use, saving them both precious time and money from costly repairs. Don’t let a replacement part get in your way of boating season with our bimini top hardware and accessories from Lippert.

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