Pontoon Bimini Top Replacement Fabric

Our boat tops have you covered! Choose from a variety of colors and sizes of boat tops, all made by the brand that has set the standard on design for the marine industry. We also offer everything you need for a convertible boat top, including the frame, canvas, and boot.

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Boat top ready to be unfurledBoat top ready to be unfurled

Our Convertible Boat Tops Give You Protection

Choose your boat top starting with the aluminum frame that is available in various widths to fit your boat. These frames are sturdy and will support the canvas keeping all on board protected from the harsh UV rays and sun.

Our collection of marine-grade fabrics is sure to match your boat décor. Our fabric selection has various levels of protection, and you decide which will be best for your boating needs. These canvas options will stand up to the elements in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Choose from our convertible boat tops where you manually control the shade depending on what you need when you’re on the water. Made from quality canvas that withstands both freshwater and saltwater conditions. Boaters rely on our boat tops to keep them protected.

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