Boat Cover Accessories

When it comes to boat cover accessories, we’ve got what you need, including boat cover support poles, boat cover snaps and much more. Our covers and accessories are designed to protect your boat from costly damage all year round.

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Attaching boat cover accessories to secure canvasAttaching boat cover accessories to secure canvas

Secure Your Boat Covers with Our Accessories

Our boat covers give your boat the protection it needs when it’s not in the water. You have made an investment and making sure it is not taking on any damage when it’s stored for the season or being hauled to different boat launches is important. Our boat cover accessories make sure that your covers are secure and taut.

Choose from support poles that keep your covers taut and prevent water from pooling on the cover. We have adjustable lengths with various endcaps that fit most boat covers. Our poles are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, and they withstand in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Secure a snug fit with our boat cover snaps and fasteners. Boaters rely on our quality snaps and fasteners when theirs need to be replaced. They are easy to attach and stand up to the harsh marine elements.

Keep your boat covers in top condition with our wide variety of boat cover accessories.

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