Pontoon Boat Covers

Our pontoon boat covers keep your boat safe from damage while trailering to the water or storing for the season. Boaters appreciate the full coverage and quality craftsmanship our pontoon covers provide. Shop our complete selection, including pontoon playpen covers that fit easily over the fenced area of the deck.

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Pontoon boat coversPontoon boat covers

Pontoon Boat Coverage You Can Trust

Our pontoon cover collection protects your boat. Made from a strong and durable material, our covers offer a universal fit with straps and snaps.

The playpen covers are made from a 6 oz. Hot Shot fabric, an acrylic-coated polyester that features great breathability. Our covers are strong and are resistant to UV rays, water and mildew, adding to the overall protection whether you’re covering for a short or long term. These pontoon covers work well in hot and humid climates.

Pontoon boat owners rely on our pontoon covers to keep their boat free of debris when trailering them from various locations, or when they are simply covering when they are not using it on the water. Our pontoon covers offer the greatest protection.

Confidently cover your pontoon boat with our pontoon boat covers. Boaters like the universal fit and how easy these covers are to remove and put on their pontoon boat.

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