Pontoon Boat Enclosures & Shades

Add a sense of style, function, and versatility to your boat this season with our pontoon boat enclosures. Our pontoon boat shade collection is engineered with quality and crafted for enjoyment. Explore our selection of pontoon gazebos, pontoon boat toilet enclosures and much more.

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Pontoon boat enclosurePontoon boat enclosure

Versatile Pontoon Boat Shades

Add a level of protection and privacy to your pontoon boat with our pontoon boat enclosures and shades. Choose a spacious gazebo, pontoon boat enclosure or playpen shade, all designed to make your pontoon boat comfortable for passengers and protecting them from the elements.

The pontoon boat enclosure easily fits over the bow of the pontoon boat for shelter from the sun or rain as well as privacy. The zippered entryway keeps unwanted pests away while you enjoy a protected day on the water. Available in an assortment of colors sure to match your existing boat décor.

Our pontoon gazebo instantly adds shaded area on your boat. The material is breathable, and boaters enjoy how strong it is yet lightweight. The playpen shade offers protection to the area’s seats and passengers. Made from the same excellent construction as the enclosure and gazebo, it protects as it stands up to the marine elements. Add style and protection to your pontoon boat this boating season.

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