Dock Corner Bumpers

Is your dock protected? Our dock corners are made from strong vinyl that not only protects your boat and dock, but also withstands the harshest marine conditions. Boaters love how easy these dock corner bumpers are to install on their dock. Shop the collection and keep your boat damage-free.

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Dock corner bumperDock corner bumper

Quality Dock Corner Bumpers by Taylor Made

Corners can be tricky when docking. Use our corner dock bumper to keep your boat’s gelcoat protected. Made from a durable closed-cell foam, these dock corners do an excellent job of absorbing impact.

Made with a UV-resistant, non-marring polyester on the outer layer, our corner dock bumper won’t fade from the harsh UV rays, and it won’t mar your boat. Both the top and bottom flaps make installation a snap.

Keep your dock corner bumpers clean throughout boating season with soap and weather. For a finished look, you can add the 90-degree bumper and side bumper (sold separately). Protect your dock and boat with our dock corners.

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