Dock Wheels

Need better protection at your dock? Our inflatable dock wheels feature an innovative molded-in valve, allowing various levels of firmness to precisely give you the level of protection you need for your watercraft. We also offer traditional rigid dock wheels and rollers in a variety of sizes and styles.

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Dock wheel protecting docks and boatsDock wheel protecting docks and boats

Dependable Wheels for Your Dock

No more worrying about your topsides getting scuffed from the dock with our dock wheels that feature a large rotation cushion. Our collection of inflatable dock wheels is exactly what you need to protect your boat from taking on any damage.

The mounting frame features an axle for additional strength that is welded the durable hot dipped galvanized mounting bracket. Installation is easy. The inflatable wheel rolls to guide a boat into the slip or dock and is ideal for docking in the dark or other low-visibility conditions.

The molded needle valve lets you adjust the wheel pressure for the amount you need to protect your boat. Designed to take on the marine elements and the wear and tear of docking, our dock wheels are made from a durable and flexible PVC. Choose the right size for your boat and enjoy a safe boating season.

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