Dock Bumpers & Edging

Dock Bumpers & Edging

Protect your dock and safeguard your boat with dock bumpers from Lippert. Our extensive collection of dock bumper products is made with the highest-grade vinyl to promote longevity and avoid marring your boat hull. Shop bumpers, edging, corners, wheels and much more.

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Dock bumpers adding extra protectionDock bumpers adding extra protection

Protect the Edges of Your Dock

Dock protection is important and never easier with our dock bumpers and dock edging collection. Available in various profiles, even corners, commercial grade vinyl keeps your boat from taking on any damage when docking. And it helps keep your dock intact, too.

Our vinyl edging collection includes EPDM rubber, a high-grade material that not only offers a cushion between your boat and the dock but withstands the wear and tear of boat docking and the harsh elements including UV rays, chemicals, and saltwater.

We offer various bumper components, designed for the ultimate protection of your boat with marine-grade vinyl offering many years of shock absorption. The color is permanently molded into the vinyl and will not mar or transfer to your boat’s hull.

Protect your boat and dock with our dock bumpers and edging products. Mistakes happen especially when docking, and your boat should not take on unnecessary impact causing harm to the gelcoat. Keep your boat in mint condition with these top-performing products.

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