Dock Deicers

Protect your dock and boat over the cold winter months with a dock deicer. Our deicer prevents ice from forming by circulating the water around it, creating an open-water perimeter around your dock, and helping you avoid costly damage, season after season.

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Keep Your Dock Free of Ice

Designed to keep ice away from either your boat or dock, our dock deicer features a one-piece shroud design that stops damaging debris from going through the deicer’s propeller. The oil-free design eliminates any chances of polluting the environment with oil leaks.

The stainless steel motor shaft and housing eliminates corrosion, keeping the deicer working to guard against ice forming around your boat or dock. The high-performance propeller is energy efficient as it offers optimal flow.

Boaters can run their deicer continuously with the 115V or 230V single-phase motors with no worry of maintenance. They also are designed for the harsh saltwater environment and feature a renewable zinc anode for corrosion protection.

Easy to install, our deicers are what you need to keep your boat and dock safe throughout the winter.

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