Dock Floats

Dock Floats

Our dock floats are made with a tough poly shell that protects the float’s core from corrosive saltwater and most chemicals. The modular design allows these floats to be mounted to virtually any dock layout. Shop our dock floatation options to build a dock that fits the needs of you and your crew.

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Dock floatsDock floats

Reimagine Dock Floatation

Our dock floats are a great way to either replace your dock or simply add more space to a boat slip or a marina. They are easy to install and attach to the underside of your dock to keep it afloat.

The dock floatation has an encased polystyrene core that offers optimal buoyancy. The poly shell protects this core from damage caused by impact, puncture and overall harsh marine elements including harmful chemicals.

Installation involves drilling into flange and attaching the dock float with fasteners (not included) Ventilation holes prevent waterlogging. Boaters love the eight-year floatation warranty. A top-performing product.

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