Boat Fender Accessories

Boat Fender Accessories

Whether you're hanging your fenders out for a new voyage or storing them for the evening, our boat fender accessories not only help protect your boat's hull but also make docking, mooring, and rafting easier. Shop lines, covers, holders, adjusters and more.

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Boat fender accessories like covers can keep equipment lasting longerBoat fender accessories like covers can keep equipment lasting longer

Keep Your Fenders in Tip-Top Shape

Lippert has the boat fender accessories you need from our boat fender covers, fender lines, boat fender holders and boat fender adjusters. Our fender accessories are designed to protect your fenders against damage, make it easy to adjust fender heights and provide a safe place to store them when they are not in use.

Our boat fender covers keep your fenders in great shape. Made with a durable material that won’t mar or scratch your boat, these fenders are available in many sizes, sure to fit your boat fenders. Boaters rely on our covers to keep their fenders lasting for a long time.

When you’re docking or rafting in unfamiliar areas, you need to quickly adjust your fender heights to safeguard your boat from damage. Lippert has a collection of fender adjusters that will help you get them to the exact height you need. We also have fender lines to keep your fenders in place. Trust the brand that boaters have been using for decades.

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