Boat Fenders

Boat Fenders

We know boat fenders! Our fenders are made with the highest marine-grade vinyl and designed for exceptional performance in the outdoor elements. We offer pontoon fenders, yacht fenders, large boat fenders, small boat fenders and so much more. Shop the brand that has set the standard on fenders and protect your hull with confidence. Not sure where to begin? Check out our boat fender buying guide!

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Boat fenders attached to pontoonBoat fenders attached to pontoon

Boat Fenders That Keep Damage at Bay

No matter what type of boat you own, its hull needs protection from docks, other boats and more. When shopping our collection of boat bumpers and fenders, you’ll find a wide variety of fender sizes designed to fit personal watercrafts, powerboats, super yachts, sailboats, fishing boats and everything in between. Should any hidden hazards arise, Taylor Made boat fenders have you covered. 


Specially designed with flexible, resilient marine-grade vinyl, Taylor Made inflatable fenders and boat buoys stand up to harsh marine conditions for years to come. The twin-eye design offers versatility to fit your needs, as they can hang vertically or horizontally. Our inflatable fenders feature ribbed technology that keeps them from rolling out of place, while the patented Trivalve™ makes inflation a breeze with either a compressor or a football needle. Plus, all Taylor Made boat buoys are optimally designed to guard against splitting and bursting. 


Get the protection you need without compromising the beauty of your ship. Our patented True Color Technology color process provides deeper, richer colors for fenders that match your boat 


Shop our boat bumper collection and protect your boat with top-quality products! 

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