Fisherman Catch Flags

Fisherman Catch Flags

Proudly wave your fisherman catch flags on your boat! Our fish flags are a great way to show off what you’ve caught to fellow fishermen and boaters alike. Our outrigger flags display a wide array of freshwater and saltwater fish, from salmon to blue marlin. Each is made with quality materials for long-lasting decoration.

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Outrigger Flags to Share Your Catch

The thrill of reeling your big catch in can be relived over and over with our fisherman catch flags. From ocean to freshwater catches, you can pick the right flag for your boat with our collection of outrigger and fish flags.

Made from high-quality nylon that easily catches the breeze and waves for hours, the two sewn-in brass grommets at the header for a secure fit to any flagpole. Many anglers feature several flags on their boat.

Our collection includes a wide variety of fish from mackerel to bluefish. Whether you’re a recreational, commercial, or professional angler, you will want to adorn your boat with our flags. Share your fish story with all who board your boat with our outrigger and fisherman catch flags.

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