Boat Flag Poles & Accessories

Boat Flag Poles & Accessories

We have everything you need to fly your flag with confidence from your boat or dock. Shop our boat flag poles, including pontoon flag poles, boat flag mounts, boat flag holders and more. Find the right pole or staff for your needs and ensure a secure installation for your flag.

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Boat flag polesBoat flag poles

Boat Flag Poles, Holders, Mounts & More

Check out our collection of flagpole holders, mounts and more designed to keep your boat flags secure on your dock, boat, or patio. From poles, to mounts, brackets and clips, we have what you need.

Choose from stainless steel or teak flag poles, all designed to keep your boat flags flying high. Our poles are made from the highest-grade materials and won’t deteriorate or warp.

Easily attach your favorite boat flag to a pole with our convenient clips. These boat clips can be adjusted to fit most flag sizes and offer versatile fitting options from clamped tight or if you prefer, to spin around the flagpole.

With a flag holder for your boat and our collection of accessories, you can make sure your flag is secure and will be seen proudly waving from your boat, dock or patio.

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