International Flags

International Flags

Decorate your boat, dock, or patio with our collection of international flags, country flags and courtesy flags. Whether you’re showing your support for your favorite country or you’re a visiting ship in foreign waters, you may have trouble choosing just one. We've set the design standard on these colorful flags.

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Boat Flags for Every Country

Follow a maritime tradition that is centuries old with our collection of international and courtesy flags. Courtesy flags are flown on your boat when entering foreign waters as part of boating etiquette. They represent the host nation or state of the water boats are traveling and are typically flown from the starboard side.

Choose from our wide selection of international flags representing Anguilla to Wales. These flags are brightly colored and made from a sturdy and durable nylon ideal for the fickle and often changing weather conditions.

Show your heritage with these well-made courtesy flags that include two sewn-in brass grommets for a secure fit to any flagpole. Flagpoles not included. Enjoy these flags as you sail the high seas.

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