Nautical Flags & Pennants

Nautical Flags & Pennants

Nautical flags are a way to communicate with other boaters. We offer a complete selection of nautical signal flags, the nautical flag alphabet, and nautical pennants for your boat. Safety on the water is important and our nautical flags help you and those on board have a safe, successful voyage.

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Code of Signal Nautical Flags on Boat MastCode of Signal Nautical Flags on Boat Mast

Safe Voyage with Our Nautical Flags

Communicate with other boaters with our nautical flag pennants. Our set of international code flags kits have a complete count of 40 including the alphabet and numbers. The storage pouch allows you to keep the pennants separate from their individual compartments.

Our collection of nautical flags is a way to let others know if you need help, warn about upcoming dangerous situations and more. Create your message using the alphabetical versions or combining the numerical pennants to craft your communication.

Our flags and pennants are made with durable nylon that withstands the marine elements. Keep your marine communication system in perfect working order with our collection of strong and sturdy nautical flags and pennants.

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