Boat Hatches & Portlights

Boat Hatches & Portlights

As a boater, you need to have control of ventilation and lighting below deck, and our growing collection of hatches and portlights promote below-deck comfort on your vessel. These products are a result of decades of manufacturing experience and innovative engineering for top-performance on the water.

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Portlights & Hatches Made Right

Our full collection of boat hatches and portlights offers boat owners of all types of vessels options from a small sailboat to a superyacht. We combine decades of manufacturing experience and innovative design trends for a top-performing product.

Made from a strong and durable acrylic, our boat hatches are easy to install and allow the right amount of ventilation into your boat. Available in a variety of sizes and profiles, you are sure to find the right hatch to replace a worn or broken one on your boat.

Our portlight collection is easy to install and easily fitted by clamping the cabin sides between inner and outer frames using sealant or a closed cell PVC tape. Many of our portlights include flyscreens.

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