Boat Hatches

We know boat hatches. Our wide selection of hatches includes low and medium profiles and the top-performing Ocean Series. CE-certified, our marine hatches have flange bases and are easy to install. Each is expertly engineered and made with quality materials to be sleek, strong, and long-lasting.

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Boat hatchesBoat hatches

Find a Boat Hatch That’s Made to Fit

Our marine hatches are a favorite among boaters for their durable and strong construction. You can easily replace a scratched or cracked lens with our two-piece frame that features a sturdy and durable acrylic that is easily installed by inserting the new lens into the frame. All you must do is unscrew the frame, it’s that simple.

For a stronger and longer-lasting hatch, the seal and acrylic are fitted directly into the aluminum frame. No more leaking causing potential damage to your boat.

Our hatches feature a variety of flange bases and sizes, a vent position, and a three-year warranty. Boaters rely on these top-performing and quality hatches for their vessels. Quality and dedication to excellence is what you will find in our hatches.

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