Boat Steering & Thrusters

Boat Steering & Thrusters

Having a solid steering system in place is essential for a confident, enjoyable experience on the water. Our growing collection of steering and thruster options ensures you have command of your vessel, giving you reliable propulsion at the bow or stern for precise maneuverability.

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Boat steering consoleBoat steering console

Precision Steering & Docking

Expect nothing less than excellence with Lewmar steering products designed to offer control and maneuverability behind the wheel. Our folding steering systems are an innovative concept and patented. Ideal for a wide range of yachts and twin-wheeled layouts. Saving space, these folding steering systems have a two-turn, buttress-threaded, split-spoke design complete with a handgrip release.

Our power grip steering offers a 3-spoke design made from high-grade stainless steel and each wheel has a ball bearing power grip knob for more control. Precision steering for powerboats and sailboats is made effortless with our collection.

Control and power are made possible with the Lewmar thruster collection. Choose from a range of electric and hydraulic tunnel thrusters expertly engineered to make docking safe and easy. The TT series provides equal power in both directions for safe and easy docking.

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