Marine Refrigerators

Marine Refrigerators

We have a collection of marine refrigerators for your boating and on-the-water adventures. Shop the collection of 12V and 110V boat refrigerators, sure to accommodate your cold storage needs from beverages to your favorite casseroles. These marine boat refrigerators come in various storage sizes.

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Opening a marine refrigeratorOpening a marine refrigerator

Time to Upgrade Your Boat Fridge!

Take your offshore dining up a notch! Discover our full lineup of marine refrigerators sure to keep your food and beverages chilled to perfection. The possibilities are endless with premium features like a built-in wine cellar compartment outfitted with a glass door and wood shelving luxurious enough to make every boat feel like a yacht.  

Our refrigerators for boats come with the latest appliance innovations. Furrion’s Vibrationsmart™ technology protects against shocks and vibrations caused by stormy seas. This protection extends to extreme temperatures, including winter storage, thanks to the unique Climatesmart™ design. As Energy Star® certified products, a 110V or 12V marine refrigerator from Furrion meets strict guidelines for efficiency, preserving your power supply while protecting the environment. 

At Lippert, we supply the OEM market and aftermarket with highly innovative products — from the toughest fenders, to quality-crafted marine appliances like boat refrigerators, to automated shade systems and beyond. 

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