Boat Seat Pedestals & Hardware

Boat Seat Pedestals & Hardware

Our growing line of boat seat pedestals makes it easy to choose the right one for your boat seat base. Engineered by the brand that has set the industry standard for design, we have what you need. Our boat seat pedestals add style and functionality, and installation is easy with our high-quality boat seat hardware.

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Boat seat pedestals and hardwareBoat seat pedestals and hardware

Confidently Install Your Boat Seat

Show some love to your boat with the Taylor Made boat seats hardware and pedestals. A brand of Lippert, known and trusted by boaters everywhere, you won’t be disappointed with these quality and top-performing boat seat accessories that support your seating.

From strong and durable boat seat bases to boat seat swivels, we have what you need for your boat seating, including the hardware!

Our pedestals are made from high quality materials and offer assorted sizes with adjustable knobs for height adjustments. Easy to install, our boat seat bases offer secure and sturdy seating for many boating seasons.

Shop the collection, including hardware today and refresh your boat seating today.

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