Boat Trailer Safety Chains

Boat Trailer Safety Chains

Our high-quality boat trailer safety chains are the smart, safe choice when hitching up for adventure. The durable steel construction and added zinc-plated finish provide exceptional tensile strength and protection from the wear and tear of harsh marine elements. Gear up for your next adventure with CURT boat trailer safety chains. 

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CURT Vinyl-Coated Boat Trailer Safety ChainCURT Vinyl-Coated Boat Trailer Safety Chain

Safe, Secure Boat Trailer Chains

Whether you’re going on a short trip to the lake or in it for the long haul, boat trailer safety chains isn’t just smart, it’s required by law. Anything can happen, without safety chains, you run the risk of your trailer uncoupling from your hitch. Play it safe with safety chains and play it even safer with safety chains from CURT.

When it comes to securing your trailer, our boat trailer safety chain options are best in class. An alternative to traditional safety chains is CURT safety cables. Safety cables are a medium-duty safety option and are very effective for most standard trailers. CURT safety cables are coiled so they do not drag on the ground, and they are fitted with safety latches, instead of S-hooks, to prevent them from becoming unhooked even over bumps and rough roads.

Built for high-strength and dependable safety, our boat trailer safety chains are constructed from high-strength steel cable and feature a protective vinyl coating that is resistant to rust and corrosion, perfect for the marine lifestyle.