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Camper Anchor Tie Downs Fit Kit

Camper Anchor Tie Downs Fit Kit

HappiJac® camper anchor fit kit for 2007-2013 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra (Extended Cab Only)

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HappiJac® Camper Anchor Tie-Downs provide maximum strength and eliminate leverage and stress forces on a truck. Includes a removable rear tie down coupler rotates to direction of pull, eliminating undesirable torque. HappiJac Camper Anchor Tie Downs won't bend, twist or fail.


  • Price is significantly less than other heavy-duty tie-down systems
  • I-Beam truss creates a superior system by utilizing the truck frame, bed and tie-down components to form an I-beam truss structure
  • Adds only 27 lbs to the truck and eliminates ugly protrusions

Note: With the exception of the CA-FD4 & CA-FD7, the older style "CA" prefix camper tie downs listed below do not contain a frame mount component and were designed for use on older trucks or with campers under 2,500 pounds of dry weight. Whenever possible, an "FT" prefix model tie down set is the best option and must be used on extended or crew cab trucks or campers over 2,500 pounds of dry weight.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand HappiJac®
Manufacturer Reference Number FK-CG07
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