Flush out your RV’s water lines — anytime, anywhere.

Meet Floë. An industry-first, integrated water drain-down system designed for life on the road. Using compressed air pressure, Floë clears your water lines — cleaning out the stagnant water that could cause harmful bacteria growth. It’s an easy, convenient way to clean your RV, boat, or ANY mobile vehicle’s freshwater system. Plus, Floë saves you time and money getting your RV winterized or drained by a professional, and it’s so simple to use, you won’t even need to dismantle your water system.

Floë Induratec Series

Choose your system! Whether you’re operating with a 12-volt power supply or you have access to a 115-volt main AC outlet, both the Floë636 and Floë868 are easy to install and even easier use. And both systems work with more than just RVs.

No power outlet? No problem.

Floë 636

Mobile: 12 Volt DC

No power outlet? No problem. The Floë 636 system can connect directly to your RV’s 12V power source. This is the perfect option for RVs, trailers, and boats that don’t have an alternative power supply, or an outlet located near your Floë system. Shop Now >

At home or on the road.

Floë 868

Static: 115 Volt Main AC

The Floë868 plugs right into your main AC power outlet — making it an easy solution for any recreational vehicle or property that has a freshwater system needing to be winterized or flushed. Shop Now >