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Infrared Security Sensor Kit for Solera® Smart Arm

Infrared Security Sensor Kit for Solera® Smart Arm

This infrared security sensor detects body heat or motion. Upgrade or replace your Solera® Smart Arm with this kit

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If your Solera Smart Arm awning is one of the below brands, then congratulations, you can add the Solera Smart Infrared (IR) Security Sensor in just a few minutes! This simple plug-and-play accessory adds some great features to your Solera Smart Arm Awning. Arming the IR security system provides peace and comfort when you're asleep. This feature will activate the Photocell Sensor providing added security and convenience. The awning lights will illuminate in the automatic setting when the photocell senses body heat or motion. This accessory installs in minutes. Instructions included.

Smart Arm Wind Sensor Accessory available for easy installation on the following 2018 brands:

Forest River: Thunderbolt, Nitro, Forrester & Hyper Lite

K-Z: Spree, Spree Escape, Spree Escape Mini, Sportsman Classic, Sportsman LE Travel Trailer, Sportsman Travel Trailer, Sportsman 5th Wheel, Sportster Travel Trailer, Sportster 100 Travel Trailer, Sportster Fifth Wheel, Connect, Connect Lite, Durango 1500, Durango 2500, Durango Gold, Venom & Sidewinder.

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Additional Information

Brand Solera®
Manufacturer Reference Number 677992, 21727
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