Lipper Li-Series e-bikeLipper Li-Series e-bike

Lippert Li-Series Electric Bikes

Lippert Li-Series electric bikes help you explore more, ride longer and tame even the wildest of trails. Whether you're cruising around the campground or taking the long route home, our lithium-ion ebikes give you the extra power assist you need to have a more enjoyable time in the great outdoors. 

RV adventureRV adventure

Elevate Your RV Adventure

If you're looking for a compact mobility solution that's more convenient than flat towing a car, look no further than a Li-Series electric bike to tackle your latest and greatest RV adventure. Lightweight and space-saving, these ebikes give you the ability to go sightseeing and explore your destination without the physical demands of a traditional bike. 

Experience the Power of Lithium-Ion

Each electric bike in the Li-Series is engineered with an advanced lithium-ion battery system that provides up to a 45-mile range per charge and only requires three hours of charging time. You can also choose from six different power levels to adapt the bikes for each specific journey.

Stay Connected with Bluetooth Technology

Sync your electric bike with your phone! Our Li-Series ebikes come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities so you can easily monitor your speed, travel distance and more right from the downloadable Lippert eBikes app.

Gladiator Mountain eBikeGladiator Mountain eBike

Gladiator Electric Mountain Bike

Built to help you take on dirt, gravel, deep climbs and everything in between, the Lippert Li-Series Gladiator mountain ebike is versatile, tough and ready for every adventure. This is the perfect electric mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes for riders looking to explore off-road with more endurance and energy than ever. The Gladiator features: 


Tires built for both trails and paved surfaces

Integrated hydraulic disc brakes to promote safer stops

hydraulic disc brakeshydraulic disc brakes
Skyline ebikeSkyline ebike

Skyline Electric City Bike

As the best commuter bike for added mobility around the city, the Li-Series Skyline ebike was made for sightseeing, visiting local attractions and making long treks to downtown destinations. This electric bike comes with anti-puncture tires and is uniquely designed for easy transportation around town, leaving you with more energy and less exhaustion on your adventures. The Skyline features:

storage rackstorage rack

A rear storage rack for added convenience

Mudflaps to protect you from rainwater and mud splatter

aluminum bike rackaluminum bike rack

Haul Your eBike with a Curt Bike Rack

The CURT aluminum bike rack is designed to be the ultimate in versatility, featuring a lightweight and highly adaptable design. It mounts onto any standard 2-inch receiver and locks into place with a built-in anti-rattle, key-operated shank.

take an ebike on your next outdoor adventure!take an ebike on your next outdoor adventure!

Learn More with Lippert

Lightweight, space-saving and more convenient than the traditional approach of flat towing your vehicle, an ebike gives you the mobility you want at your destination without the physical exhaustion you may experience while exploring on a regular bicycle. Learn more about the benefits of using a battery-powered electric bike on the Lippert blog!


Questions & Troubleshooting

For questions regarding the Lippert Li-Series ebikes, please contact the Lippert Care Center. 
Phone: 432-LIPPERT (432-435-7378)


For more information about how to assemble and charge your electric bike, visit the Lippert ebike support page.

Warranty information: The Lippert Li-Series ebikes are covered under a one-year warranty, with an additional year for electronic components.

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