Lippert ABS GiveawayLippert ABS Giveaway

Lippert™ ABS Giveaway

The road ahead is unpredictable. Enter today for a chance to equip your ride with advanced towing tech and win our potentially life-saving anti-lock braking system for trailers!

Your Towing Experience Could Be Safer!

This year, we’re making it easier than ever to keep you and your family safe on the open road by giving away three of our anti-lock braking systems every quarter! A few RVers will be chosen to win this piece of towing technology based on a set of criteria within the giveaway entry form. Installation is on us!

All you have to do is click the button below to fill out the form and let us know how our ABS system would change your towing experience.

Plus, winners will be eligible for 10% off all Lippert products and services at the time of installation!

Lippert ABS on wet test trackLippert ABS on wet test track
Lippert ABS moduleLippert ABS module

About Our Anti-Lock Braking System

Anti-lock braking systems have been a requirement on all passenger vehicles in the United States for over a decade. Travel trailers and 5th wheels should be equipped with the same life-saving systems.

The Lippert anti-lock braking system is a towing technology designed to let you haul safer and smarter than ever. It combines the best of ABS and connected RV technology to deliver a comprehensive safety platform for all trailer types, particularly travel trailers and 5th wheels. When you find yourself panic braking or swerving to avoid a crash, you can count on Lippert’s ABS to keep you safe on the road.

Additional Features:

  • Promotes exceptional towing safety and driver confidence
  • Improves control on slippery roads and in emergency braking situations
  • Integrates with trailer brakes to prevent trailer wheel lock-up

Protect what you love. Get a trailer ABS.

See Lippert ABS in Action!