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Lippert™ Propane Tank Sensor

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Want to know your RV’s propane tank levels? With Lippert™, all you have to do is check your phone.

Quick Facts:

  • 24/7 monitoring for your RV’s propane tank levels
  • Integrated with Lippert™ OneControl® App and Bluetooth technology
  • Notifications sent directly to smartphone
  • Sensor magnetically mounts to bottom of your LP tank
  • Optimized for vertical-standing steel LP tanks
  • Monitor multiple propane tank sensors simultaneously
  • CR2032 battery included
  • Easy, DIY installation
  • Package contains one (1) propane sensor

Note: The OneControl app is only available for download in the US and Canada. Apple devices must be iPhone 8 or higher and running iOS Version 13. Android devices must be Android 8 or higher. OneControl app version must be version 5 or higher

Know Your Propane Levels.

Nobody wants to get all set up at their campsite for a weekend of fun only to realize their RV’s propane tanks are running low or totally empty! That’s why you need a Lippert ™ RV Propane Sensor. This ultra-easy to install sensor lets you monitor your RV’s propane levels right from your phone or smart device. Integrated with Lippert’s OneControl® technology, our sensors will send you real-time updates on your propane levels, so you can stay in the know on your RV’s tanks 24/7 while you’re hanging out at the campground.

Effortless Installation

Engineered with OneControl, simply activate and connect your sensor to your OneControl app, and then place your magnetic tank sensor to the bottom of your RV's vertical steel propane tank. In minutes, you’ll be able to monitor the levels of your propane right from your app, up to 40 ft. away. Plus, you can simultaneously monitor multiple propane tank sensors for trailers equipped with multiple tanks. No wires. No unreliable gauge readings. Just real-time, updates sent right to your phone.

OneControl® Smart RV Technology

Enhance every adventure with more control, connectivity and comfort than ever before. Lippert OneControl smart RVing technology helps turn your RV into an intuitive, intelligently connected vehicle that can be monitored right from your smartphone or tablet. From monitoring tire pressure and controlling your slide-out to receiving real time notifications, our suite of smart RV products and technologies helps keep RV owners aware, alert and most importantly, safe on the open road.


  • REAL-TIME UPDATES - The Lippert™ RV Propane Sensor sends real-time tanks levels right to your phone or smart device
  • MONITOR MULTIPLE TANKS - With OneControl® technology, you can monitor multiple propane sensors simultaneously, perfect for RV’s operating with multiple LP tanks (one sensor required for each tank - sold separately)
  • DIY INSTALLATION - Designed for magnetic mounting, simply place your sensor on the bottom of your tank for installation
  • RELIABILITY - Our sensors offer accurate, real-time propane level notifications so you don’t have to mess with unreliable gauge readings or complex monitoring systems
  • COMPATIBILITY - This sensor is optimized for vertical steel LP tanks

Liquid Propane Sensor

Get the most from your Lippert Liquid Propane Sensor with these helpful hints

Explore Range

You’ll receive alerts when your phone or tablet is in BT range of your sensor. BT range varies depending on obstructions, like RV walls and frames. After pairing your sensor, walk away from your RV to explore your sensor’s BT range.

Change Batteries

Users will be notified when the battery nears end-of-life. To change the battery, follow the instructions in the OneControl app. Look for the “Change Battery” button. The sensor comes standard with a CR2032 battery. Please dispose of used batteries safely, like other electronic equipment.

Unpair and Dispose

If the sensor is lost or damaged beyond repair, open the OneControl app and look for the “Unpair” buttons on the sensor’s homepage. Unpair the device and dispose safely, like other electronic equipment. If you unpair a lost sensor and then find it, you can re-pair and use.

Chill and Grill

What good is a hot meal without a cold drink? Lippert also makes a temperature sensor, so you can monitor the temperature in your RV’s refrigerator and freezer on the way to the campground.

Download the OneControl® RV app:

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Note: The OneControl app is only available for download in the US and Canada. Apple devices must be iPhone 8 or higher and running iOS Version 13. Android devices must be Android 8 or higher. OneControl app version must be version 5 or higher

Lippert Propane Tank Sensor:

How to Change a Lippert Propane Tank Sensor Battery:

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SKU 2021130655
Brand Lippert™
Series OneControl®
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What's Included Sensor,CR2032 Battery
Country of Origin CHN
Warranty Term 1 Year
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UPC 848150065216
Supersedes SKU 2020329164
Manufacturer Reference Number 28365

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