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Welcome to 5th wheel ownership!  With a new 5th wheel trailer, exciting adventures and countless memories lay ahead.

Lippert is passionate about RVing, and we're here to support you with several helpful resources.  Keep in mind that your trailer is likely outfitted / prepped / compatible with a variety of Lippert accessories, all aimed at serving you with the best experience possible.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions, comments and even new ideas!

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5 Tips for First-Time 5th Wheel Owners

RVing is an amazing experience, and the proper gear, setup and know-how will help you get the most out of every journey.
Here are some basic tips to keep in mind as you embark.

Ensure you have proper weight distribution

Verify your vehicle's towing capacity.

Don't forget to complete your travel trailer checklist.

Be ready and alert for trailer sway.

Regular maintenance goes a long way.

View our blog for more helpful tips & tricks:

Tips for 5th Wheel Hitch Maintenance

Proper 5th wheel maintenance is the key to ensuring that you're able to freely travel without trouble or hassle during any season, but is especially criticial in the winter where the cold temps can take a toll on your equipment.


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We're Here to Support You.

Whether you're a full-time RVer or weekend warrior - and whether you own Lippert products or not - we're here to support you and make your experience better!

Make the Most of
Your RV Experience

Did you know your travel trailer is likely outfitted / prepped / compatible with a variety of Lippert accessories? We work with a variety of RV manufacturers to supply you with a variety of upgrade options, all aimed at serving you with the best experience possible.

Smoother Ride

Upgrade your 5th wheel trailer to a premium ride with our advanced 5th wheel pin boxes. We offer a variety of shock-absorbing solutions to combat jerking and jarring at the hitch connection point. Shop Air Ride for integrated shock-absorption with its internal airbag and strut. Shop Rota-Flex for less chucking with its integrate rubber isolator. Or upgrade to Flex Air for the best of both worlds! 

Effortless Hookup

Get the towing power you need for your truck while enjoying a better user experience with our cost-cutting edge line of 5th wheel hitches. The CrossWing is a lightweight yet surprisingly powerful 20K 5th wheel hitch that features a game-chainging, effortless coupling mechanism. Or maximize your towing potential with a 30K PowerRide, featuring a professional-grade rating without the hassle of a complicated install.

Additional Truck-Trailer Clearance

Turning clearance is absolutely essential for 5th wheel towing, especially when you combine a short-bed pickup truck with a large camper. Add the extra clearance you need for stress-free towing with our 5th wheel rollers. These units allow the coupling point to slide backward sveral inches, increasing clearance between the truck cab and trailer overhang and promoting safer, smoother manuevering.

Stopping Power

A brake controller is essential for properly operating the electric brakes on your 5th wheel RV. But not all brake controllers are created equally. We have invested heavily in our brake controller line, bringing new technology to the market. Explore our world-first Echo mobile brake controller for a low-profile look and feel, or the Assure with tactile buttons and a dynamic screen that shows full text readouts.

Peace-of-Mind Security

Be sure to lock up your 5th wheel hitch and trailer with our dependable security solutions. A reliable lock is essential for theft difference and peace of mind, whether you're towing your trailer down the highway, stopping at a rest stop or parking at the campsite. Find locks to secure your 5th wheel htich setup, 5th wheel camper and more.

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