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Year Manufacturer Brand/Model System
2019 Forest River XLR ConnectAnywhere
2019 Grand Design Momentum ConnectAnywhere
2019 Forest River Vengeance Wireless + ConnectAnywhere Prep
2019 Heartland Big Horn Wireless + ConnectAnywhere Prep
2019 Heartland Big Country Wireless + ConnectAnywhere Prep
2019 Forest River Columbus Wireless
2019 Forest River Riverstone Wireless
2019 Forest River Forrester Wireless
2019 Manufactuer Brand/Model System
2019 KZ RV Durango Wireless
2019 Coachmen Prism Plus Wireless
2019 Coachmen SportsCoach Wireless
2019 Jayco Eagle FW Wireless
2019 Jayco Seismic Wireless
2019 Jayco North Point Wireless
2019 Jayco Pinnacle Wireless
2019 Haulmark Class A Coaches Wireless
2019 Thor Axis Wireless
2019 Thor Vegas Wireless
2019 Thor Gemini Wireless
2019 Thor Compass Wireless
2018 Forest River XLR Thunderbolt ConnectAnywhere
2018 Forest River Columbus Wireless
2018 Forest River Riverstone Wireless
2018 Forest River Georgetown 5 series GT5 Wireless
2018 Forest River Georgetown 7 series GT7 Wireless
2018 Forest River Sierra Wireless
2018 Forest River Sandpiper Wireless
2018 Forest River Cardinal Wireless
2018 Forest River Forrester Wireless
2018 KZ RV Durango Wireless
2018 KZ RV Sidewinder Wireless
2018 Coachmen Prism Plus Wireless
2018 Coachmen Chapparal X-Lite Wireless
2018 Coachmen SportsCoach Wireless
2018 Jayco Eagle FW Wireless
2018 Jayco Seismic Wireless
2018 Jayco North Point Wireless
2018 Jayco Pinnacle Wireless
2018 Haulmark Class A Coaches Wireless
Wireless units denoted with a "+ ConnectAnywhere Prep" are ready to upgrade to ConnectAnywhere.

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ConnectAnywhere Upgrade

Is your RV prepped for ConnectAnywhere?

If your RV is listed as Wireless + ConnectAnywhere Prep, then you can upgrade to LCI’s OneControl’s ConnectAnywhere technology — allowing you to monitor and control a number of RV functions anywhere you have a cellular connection, get online, stream movies, play games and more.