Qwik-Load® Turnbuckles

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What better way to keep your truck camper secure than to use HappiJac Qwik-Load® Turnbuckle tie-downs? You don’t want to worry about your camper on the way to your favorite camping site! Manufactured using high-quality stainless steel, the Qwik-Load® Turnbuckles provide security with spring-loaded tension for the front of the camper and rubber-dampening for the rear. The turnbuckles easily attach to the bumper and truck bed or can be used with a frame-mounted system.

Quick Facts:

  • Simple to install on truck bed and bumper
  • Locking mechanism included
  • Easy to disconnect
  • Deep tension-release handle to fit various hand sizes
  • Spring-loaded barrel
  • J hooks for strong, secure anchor points
  • Pack includes 4 turnbuckles
  • 1-year warranty
  • Materials: Stainless steel with zinc-coated rust and corrosion resistance
  • Front turnbuckle: min. reach 16 ½”; max. reach 23 ½”; hook length 11”
  • Rear turnbuckle: min. reach 22 ½”; max. reach 35 ½”; hook length 24”
  • Weight: 12.06 pounds

Secure your camper

When it’s time to hit the open road in your truck camper, make sure the camper is secured to the bed using HappiJac Qwik-Load® Turnbuckle tie-downs. You’ve invested a lot in your truck camper and knowing it’s tied down securely with a high-quality bed and bumper-attached anchor point system will give you piece of mind on your way to your favorite camping spot.

HappiJac Qwik-Load® Turnbuckle tie downs are extremely durable and—due to its zinc-coated, stainless-steel construction—offer reliable rust and corrosion protection. They also include easy-to-use, deep tension-release rubberized levers for turnbuckle adjustment (no more manual tightening!), spring-loaded front turnbuckle to ease stress on anchor points, and rubber-dampened rear turnbuckles. The adjustments work with any size truck bed and—after the proper adjustment is made—can be locked in using the stainless-steel locking pin. With the four turnbuckles included in each pack, you’ll be ready to securely install your truck camper in no time!

HappiJac Qwik-Load® Turnbuckle Features:

  • EASY TO INSTALL – Regardless of your tie-down mounts (bed, bumper, or frame), simply attach the HappiJac Qwik-Load® Turnbuckles to your camper and anchor points, adjust the length, and release the handles to apply the correct tension. Insert the steel pins and you’re all done! No more manual adjustments.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – The turnbuckle barrels are made with zinc-coated, stainless steel to provide rust and corrosion resistance to ensure your purchase lasts. Rubberized handles are high profile and made from steel.
  • QUICK DISCONNECT – By using the rubberized handles, it’s simple to release tension and disconnect the turnbuckles from the anchor points to remove your truck camper. If your gas tank access is behind the turnbuckle, the quick-release handle makes getting to your fuel tank a breeze!
  • SECURE ATTACHMENT – Attaching the Qwik-Load® Turnbuckles to your truck’s bed and bumper secures your truck camper—and with the added spring tension in the front turnbuckle, it reduces stress on the anchor points.
  • BUILT FOR THE ROAD – Made by a name campers can trust, Lippert products let you hit the open road with peace of mind.
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