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Road Armor™ Tandem Shock Absorbing Equalizer Kit

Road Armor™ Tandem Shock Absorbing Equalizer Kit

Introducing the Road Armor™ Tandem Shock Absorbing Equalizer Kit, the latest ride enhancing product brought to you by Lippert Components.

Quick Facts

  • Two Tandem Equalizers included
  • Includes greasable bronze bushings
  • Upgraded spray-coating on all fasteners to match automotive specifications
  • Easy aftermarket upgrade
  • Great substitution for torsion axles
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    360 Degrees of Protection

    How does it work? The patent pending design incorporates a single pivoting arm that is permanently engaged with the trailer axles’ leaf springs. This allows Road Armor to constantly absorb and dampen road shock whether it is coming from the leading or trailing spring, utilizing the trailer’s natural motion. Once road shock and vibrations are encountered, they are transferred to one of two customized durometer rubber shock absorbers. Competing products use rubber compounds with the consistency of a hockey puck, which does little to absorb anything and transfers this shock directly into the RV’s chassis and concurrently into the sidewall. How is 360 degrees of protection attainable? Simple, each side of the Road Armor Equalizer has 3 inches of total vertical travel capability. When the lead leaf spring encounters road shock, it will kick the Road Armor’s lead side vertically up to one and a half inches, while the trailing side will push down up to one and a half inches. The adverse reaction happens on the opposite side of the Road Armor Equalizer when the trailing axle incurs the same road vibration. That’s 360-degrees and 6 total inches of unparalleled protection!


    Additional Information

    Additional Information

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