RV Leveling Systems

Easy Is an Understatement

Cut yourself some slack next camping trip with a Ground Control® automatic RV leveling system from Lippert. Our team has developed a range of automatic leveling and stabilization solutions to enhance set up for your RV. We’ve made it faster and easier to get your 5th wheel RV or travel trailer up and running at the campsite — all the while maintaining a safe, stable foundation for your camper. With our Ground Control® lineup, you can ditch your manual jacks, chocks and wedges, save valuable time and start enjoying your camping trip quicker and easier than ever!

One-Touch, Automatic RV Leveling with Ground Control®

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Next-Level Camping Equipment

Whether you’re traveling with a 5th wheel or travel trailer, with the push of a button, Ground Control takes the hassle out of leveling your RV.

Leveling System for Travel Trailers

Ground Control TT RV leveling systemsGround Control TT RV leveling systems

Ground Control® TT

Travel trailer owners, this one’s for you. In less than three minutes, Ground Control TT levels your travel trailer — giving you back time and energy setting up and leveling your campsite manually. Driven by Hall Effect technology, Ground Control TT delivers precision and accuracy like no other. A push of a button is all it takes for this 5-point power RV leveling system to do its job.

And for RV owners equipped with OneControl® technology and accessible WiFi, you can operate your Ground Control TT system, right from your phone.

Featuring auto-hitch, a wall-mounted, touchpad controller and all necessary installation hardware — Ground Control TT is a must-have for travel trailer owners looking to enhance their next camping trip with ease and convenience.

Ground Control TT RV leveling jack on a travel trailerGround Control TT RV leveling jack on a travel trailer

Leveling System for 5th Wheel Trailers

Ground Control 3.0 RV leveling systemGround Control 3.0 RV leveling system

Ground Control® 3.0

Skip setting up your campsite and get straight to the good stuff with Ground Control 3.0. This powerful, automatic RV leveling system allows 5th wheel owners to fast-forward through the hassle of manual jacks and chocks, with just the push of a button. In minutes, your camper is leveled and you have extra time to do…well, whatever you want!

Available in both 4-point and 6-point configurations, the Ground Control 3.0 power leveling system uses Hall Effect technology to efficiently and accurately level your RV by measuring the motor revolutions of your jack’s legs, instead of amps. This timesaving, hassle-reducing kit also comes complete with auto-hitch functionality, durable, rounded jack footpads for added stability on soft, uneven surfaces — and it includes all necessary installation hardware.

Ground Control 3.0 RV leveling system on a 5th wheel trailerGround Control 3.0 RV leveling system on a 5th wheel trailer

Already Have an RV Leveling System? 

Lippert also supplies replacement parts for our Level Up® hydraulic leveling system and the Power Gear hydraulic leveling system for motorhomes. From replacement jacks to footpads, we’ve got the exact replacement equipment you need to get back on the road!

If you're looking for support for any Lippert leveling system, you can access all of our manuals, diagrams, videos and more on our leveling support page.

Level Up Hydraulic RV leveling jacks on a 5th wheelLevel Up Hydraulic RV leveling jacks on a 5th wheel

Level Up® Hydraulic Leveling System

The patented six-point Level Up hydraulic leveling system levels an RV in less than a minute using a one-touch auto-leveling feature and includes an auto re-hitch memory function that remembers the exact height at which the RV was unhitched. Uneven ground can cause a lot of problems and other leveling systems can stress and twist the chassis, damaging slide systems, sidewalls and windows. Level Up’s patented design won’t put undue stress on the chassis — the six-point leveling system incorporates leveling jacks before the front axle and behind the rear axle maintaining the integrity of the RV at all times.

Power Gear Hydraulic Leveling System

This four-point system levels and stabilizes a motorhome in just a few minutes using one-touch, automatic or semi-automatic leveling. Power Gear motorhome leveling enhances the overall camping experience by preventing annoying rocking and swaying at the campsite and can accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes from Class A to Class C units.

Power Gear Hydraulic RV Leveling System Power Gear Hydraulic RV Leveling System

Questions about RV Leveling?

Lippert Ground Control RV leveling jacks in useLippert Ground Control RV leveling jacks in use

Can You Add Auto Leveling to an RV?

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Manually leveling an RV with blocksManually leveling an RV with blocks

Need Help Manually Leveling?

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RV Leveling Jacks & Stabilizers

From our ultra-durable Power Stance™ tongue jack to the versatile Quick Drop® tongue jack, electric stabilizers and more, we’ve got the full lineup of RV leveling jacks and stabilizers you need for a speedy campsite set up.

Leveling Accessories

For more leveling products and accessories for your RV, shop our wheel chocks and chock lock kits before your next adventure.

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