RV Step Accessories

With our wide selection of RV step accessories, you have the freedom to upgrade your steps the way you want. From Solid Step® handrails and lift assist kits to non-slip, illuminating tread tape and step stabilizers, we've got what you need to take your RV entryway steps to the next level.

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RV step accessories improve ease of use and safetyRV step accessories improve ease of use and safety

Safer, Smarter RV Step Upgrades

Our customers’ safety is important. That’s why we make RV step upgrades and accessories that make your entryway steps more stable, such as non-slip grip tape and stair treads. Even after a summer rain, our treads and tapes ensure your steps are not slick. The step stabilizer kit offers an additional layer of wobble protection by giving your bottom step a firm grip on the ground.

The entry assist handrail offers a supportive place to grab ahold of when entering and exiting your RV. Tired of bending over to lift heavy, bulky steps and folding them back into place when you are ready to pack up the RV? The Lift Asist Kit for Solid Step® features gas struts that take virtually all the weight off your steps and give you more control when storing and lowering your steps.

Keep your RV steps, slide-outs and other moving parts lubricated and in good working order with Kwikee® KwikLube™. This uniquely formulated aerosol spray changes from a penetrating fluid to a tough, protective grease barrier in minutes. Once cured, this spray creates a moisture-blocking, rust-fighting layer of protection on the moving parts on your RV entryway steps and accessories.

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