RV Under-Chassis Storage Systems

Whether you're looking for more cargo space or storing your spare tire for travel, Lippert has the RV under-chassis storage solution for you. We carry an array of below-the-chassis storage bin configurations, spare tire winches and mounts, as well as combo options that provide an all-in-one.

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Versatile, Convenient Under-Chassis Storage for Your RV

Lippert under-chassis storage bins give you the freedom to haul more equipment without taking up space in your RV or tow vehicle. The detachable storage boxes bolt on to the RV chassis (hardware not included) and are perfect for cables, cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous camping items. Plus, each bin comes complete with a spring-loaded latch that allows the storage compartment to easily slide in and out. Choose from a large, standard or standard with a spare tire carrier.

Each bin can hold up to 100 lbs. of gear and is made with a rust-inhibitive coating on steel parts. Each bin bolts on to your RV's frame for a secure, reliable storage solution. If you need to add on even more storage, try our detachable molded storage box for the Lippert standard double bin storage system. The molded storage box fits either side of the Lippert standard double bin storage system. With a 100-lb. weight capacity per storage bin you can tote all your necessities to your campsite without issue.

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