Cargo Straps & Tie-Downs

Our complete line of cargo straps and tie-downs provides stability and support for your bike racks and cargo carriers. With various sizes, colors and hook styles, you can find just the right cargo strap to meet your needs and provide the strength to keep your bike and cargo securely attached to your vehicle.

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Securing items with green cargo strapsSecuring items with green cargo straps

Secure Your Cargo with Confidence

We offer a variety of cargo tie-downs, straps and nets to properly secure your cargo, gear, coolers, bikes and more. We also offer ratchet straps with S-hooks, J-hooks and flat hooks. These CURT ratchet tie-down straps are designed to accommodate larger, heavier loads. They are made from a high-strength, woven nylon material and come with a ratcheting buckle that allows for superior tension on the load.

Our elastic cargo nets for hitch carriers keep your gear secure while on your hitch carrier. CURT cargo carrier nets combine the convenience of a bungee cord with the effectiveness of a rope. Our cargo nets feature a series of hooks that latch onto your cargo carrier and provide a taut netting across your items.

In addition to our bike carriers, we also have bike rack support straps. The 1”x61” size was designed to help stabilize a hitch-mounted bike rack. One end attaches to the bike rack and the other to the tow vehicle. The strap can then be tightened to the appropriate tension to ensure that the load is properly supported for travel. Though the bike rack support strap is required for any bike rack with a 1-1/4" shank, it is recommended for all CURT bike racks.

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