Truck Camper Turnbuckles & Tie-Downs

Secure your truck camper with confidence! Lippert offers a variety of truck camper turnbuckles and tie-downs to properly anchor your rig and promote safety for the road ahead. Choose from complete kits and systems, or shop component parts to find a mounting option that suits your needs.

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Truck camper tie-downs, turnbuckles and truck camper accessoriesTruck camper tie-downs, turnbuckles and truck camper accessories

Truck Camping Just Got Easier

Truck campers are increasing in popularity, and for good reasons. They are easy to travel with, and with a few accessories, they are stable and secure. When it’s time to hit the open road in your truck camper, make sure the camper is secured to the bed using HappiJac Qwik-Load® turnbuckle tie-downs. You’ve invested a lot in your truck camper, and knowing it’s tied down securely with a high-quality bed and bumper-attached anchor point system will give you peace of mind on your way to your favorite camping spot.

Our truck camper tie-downs are extremely durable and, due to the zinc-coated, stainless-steel construction, offer reliable rust and corrosion protection. They also include easy-to-use, deep tension-release rubberized levers for turnbuckle adjustment (no more manual tightening!), a spring-loaded front turnbuckle to ease stress on anchor points, and rubber-dampened rear turnbuckles.

Shop our truck camper tie-downs for your particular truck. We offer tie-downs specifically for Ford, Dodge, Chevy/GMC and Toyota trucks.

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