RV Electronics

RV Electronics

From WiFi solutions to towing gadgets and beyond, Lippert RV electronics equip you with a connected experience on the road. With our cutting-edge technology, it’s easy to turn your rig into a modern, smart RV, letting you monitor, control and interact right from your phone.

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RV electronics on dashboard with Tire Linc displayRV electronics on dashboard with Tire Linc display

Keep Connected with RV Electronics

Get a strong connection, wherever your adventure takes you. Our full lineup of WiFi routers and antennas make it easy to stay connected with a strong signal, so you won’t have to deal with frustrating dead spots in the wilderness.

We also offer a variety of RV electronics that connect directly to your smartphone through our OneControl app. You can constantly monitor your tire pressure, propane level, refrigerator temperature and more. You can even improve your trailering experience with our RV electronics specifically designed for towing, such as the BetterWeigh mobile towing scale, Echo brake controller and Tire Linc TPMS.

With our RV speakers and stereos and TVs, you can enjoy your favorite music, TV shows and movies in your RV. Simply choose a system fit for your RV and start enjoying all the accessories, like TV mounts and lifts, that come with experiencing your favorite form of entertainment.

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