RV WiFi & Cellular Systems

Stay connected on the road with dependable, intuitive RV WiFi from Lippert. Our select product offering makes RV internet simple for you. Shop gateways, hotspot devices, receivers, as well as cellular upgrades and accessories made specifically for life on the road. Want to learn more? Check out our guide to RV internet options.

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RV wifi connects a family through the internet while campingRV wifi connects a family through the internet while camping

RV WiFi for Connected Camping

Our OneControl Hotspot was specifically designed for travel. Using Direct Link Technology, our hotspot solution equips your RV with the fastest 4G LTE connectivity available, up to 150 Mbps. You can also connect to multiple devices without sacrificing connectivity, speed and reliability — a great feature for families. The OneControl HotSpot provides a secure and stable WiFi connection that you don’t have to share with campers around you.

With the Furrion Access™ LTE WiFi router, you can stay more connected than ever before. The router boasts speeds up to 150Mbps and has a 4G Wi-Fi range extender for improved signal strength. It secures the best internet connection available for up to 32 devices and keeps your information safe with its built-in firewall.

Our OneControl WiFi gateway hub creates the OneControl wireless network. OneControl Wireless is a cellular upgrade kit for prepped RV units that controls and monitors non-moving RV systems from anywhere. Using enhanced cellular connections, OneControl Wireless with a ConnectAnywhere upgrade lets you monitor your lighting, HVAC, generator, tank monitor, vent covers, water pump, water heater, tank heaters and more. Additionally, you can see diagnostic information on your systems so that you can get ahead of potential issues and seamlessly connect with a Lippert customer service representative.

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