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Get an RV oven to keep up with your mobile lifestyle! With our large selection of gas or electric ovens that come in different sizes and colors, you can say goodbye to small camp stoves and limited camper cooking capacity. Our two-in-one gas range ovens along with our Chef Collection® built-in gas and electric RV ovens boast some of the largest capacities in the industry while maintaining the cutting-edge look Furrion products are known for.

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Enjoy Home Cooked Meals from Anywhere Life Takes You

Say goodbye to campfire cooking and limited camp stove cooking capacity. When you upgrade to a powerful RV oven from Furrion, your menu options are endless. 

The Furrion 2-in-1 gas range combines a powerful oven and a cooktop to ensure you have the right amount of heat for creating any dish. It boasts one of the largest capacities in the industry, improved heat distribution, an electronic igniter and an interior light--home cooking on the road has never been easier!

If you’re looking for an electric RV oven, we’ve got you covered. Boasting the largest capacity in the industry and a powerful 1400W output, the Furrion Chef Collection® RV Oven is built to deliver the best performance while cooking on the road. The fan assist cooking feature provides consistent and even cooking while the broil function gives more versatility in your dishes.

Furrion appliances that are designed for life on the road or sea are equipped with Vibrationsmart and Climatesmart technologies to prevent road conditions and temperature fluctuations from damaging internal components.