RV Bathroom

RV Bathroom

Give your RV bathroom a facelift with bathtubs, shower pans and wall surrounds that will immediately refresh your space and give it a new look. With a variety of sizes, colors and styles available in our lineup of RV bathroom supplies, you'll be able to find the perfect upgrade to match your RV.

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Sleek & Stylish RV Bathroom Upgrades

Designed to fit the unique size and contours of your RV, our bathtubs, shower pans and wall surrounds are just what you need to get a high-end, modern look in your bathroom. Our bathroom materials are all made from scratch-resistant, ABS acrylic instead of fiberglass because it’s lighter and more environmentally friendly, allowing you to get the most out of your upgrades.

We also offer sleek and stylish upgrades for your old bathroom sink and faucet. Our durable, 304-grade stainless steel sinks and faucets add a refreshing aesthetic to your home on wheels. Plus, they are made to match our kitchen sink and faucet upgrades so you can have a seamless look throughout your RV.

At Lippert, we provide everything you need to refresh your RV bathroom for an updated look and homier feel.

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