RV Bathtubs

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing space with an elegant, functional RV bathtub from Lippert. Our tubs are constructed from durable ABS acrylic to be scratch-resistant and lightweight. We carry a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles to perfectly integrate with your existing RV bath space.

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Transform Your RV Bath with a New Tub

Designed to fit the unique sizing of your home on wheels, our RV tubs come ready for easy installation in your RV or small home. Simply pick a left, right or center drain configuration and choose between our white or parchment color options to start upgrading your RV bathtub.

Each of our RV tubs is constructed with durable, scratch-resistant ABS acrylic that is engineered to withstand the test of time. Plus, ABS acrylic is 20 to 25% lighter than fiberglass, making our tubs easy to maneuver during installation and more environmentally friendly than a standard bathtub.

Compatible with our complete lineup of modern and sleek stainless steel faucets, replacing your RV bathtub and transforming your entire bathroom has never been easier!

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