RV Bathroom Faucets

Refresh your bathroom with an RV bathroom faucet that will add a touch of modern to your sink. Our bathroom faucets come with a stylish, low-profile design and are constructed with durable stainless steel that is made to last for years to come. With faucets that are easy to use and easy to install, revitalizing your RV bathroom is effortless.

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Stylish & Functional RV Bathroom Faucet Upgrades

Our bathroom faucets can refresh any residential or RV bathroom space with total ease. Made from durable, 304-grade stainless steel, Lippert RV bathroom faucets are designed to reliably last year after year.  
The Waterfall faucet provides an easy, single handle operation with a stylish, open head that will add a touch of modern to any bathroom sink. The Luminary lavatory faucet features a low-profile design with single handle operation. For each RV bathroom faucet in our collection, we offer a matching color in kitchen faucet configurations, so you can have a consistent look throughout your RV or home. 
Additionally, we offer replacement cartridge valves that make it easy for you to repair and maintain your bathroom faucets from Lippert. Our easy-to-install cartridge valves are available in two styles, A or B, for compatibility with all our faucet selections. 

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