RV Mattresses

Could your RV mattress use an upgrade? Our premium Thomas Payne RV mattresses are made with moisture-wicking, memory foam materials and are available in a variety of sizes including king, narrow king, queen, short queen and more, making it easy to find the right camper mattress for your RV bed.

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American-Made RV Camper Mattresses

RV mattresses are uniquely sized to fit tight and creative sleeping quarters within RVs. Our complete line of RV beds come in multiple sizes and configurations to make sure it is easy for our customers to find a good replacement RV mattress that fits their bed exactly.

Our mattresses are made with a 10” dual foam layer and are available in four sizes — queen, short queen, king and narrow king. The Thomas Payne premium RV mattress features a 1” top layer made of 2.2-lb. memory foam, infused with charcoal cooling gel to ensure heat is not held within the mattress as you sleep. The 9" comfort and support base layer is made of 1.56-lb. foam.

Our bunk mats feature a soft teddy bear cover to make sure your little ones have a peaceful night’s rest filled with sweet dreams. Available in charcoal and tan, the Teddy Bear bunk mat is hypoallergenic, water resistant, mold resistant and recyclable. Your child will feel like they are cuddling their favorite stuffed animal!

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