RV Dinette

Does your RV dinette seating need an upgrade? Our lineup of replacement cushions come in a variety of colors to add a refreshing touch to your RV dining room. Plus, they are made out of easy-to-clean fabric and foam cushioning that was built for premium comfort and durability. Reviving your RV dinette area just got a whole lot easier.

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Family eats at RV dinetteFamily eats at RV dinette

Sleep, Eat & Enjoy

RV dinettes are the hub of your camper living space. From the dinner table where your family can gather for meals and games to a modular sleeping space at night, the dinette is an important staple in any RV interior. Naturally, it should be a comfortable space to fulfil so many needs. Lippert has the manufacturing capabilities and knowledge to provide the latest dinette replacement parts and upgrades.

We design dinette cushions in the latest, neutral color schemes with easy-to-clean fabrics. Refresh your tired and out of date dinettes with our modern offerings. We offer many sizes, so you are sure to find the perfect cushions to match your RV dinette table.

Our dinettes are made with premium fabric and 4” thick, high-density foam for maximum comfort and durability. The Velcro attached backing keeps your cushions in place and fixed to the seat. When changing your dinette cushions, no installation is required. Simply remove your old cushions, drop your new cushions into place and enjoy!

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