RV Roof Repair & Sealants

RV Roof Repair & Sealants

Discover confidence in your RV roof repair with sealants and more from Lippert. We offer a complete line of products – from complete kits and membranes to tapes, adhesives and cleaners – everything you need to fortify your RV roofing to easily stand up to the outdoors.

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RV roofing repair kits, sealants and membranesRV roofing repair kits, sealants and membranes

Stress-Free, Leak-Free RV Roofing Solutions

Your roof is arguably one of the most important parts of your RV. You would not want to travel with a damaged roof. That’s why we keep you on the road with our complete line of roofing patches, sealants and membranes.

Regular roof maintenance is important. Several times a year, you should check your RV’s roof and windows for leaks or weak spots and apply sealants to those areas. Keep your roof clean and free from streaks with our line of RV roof cleaners from Alpha systems. Our cleaners are safe for use on rubber, metal, glass, plastic and painted areas of RVs as well as boats.

We offer a full lineup of RV roof coatings and adhesives for TPO and rubber roofs. Our SuperFlex roof kits come with everything you need to tackle your roofing repair projects such as adhesive, butyl tape, self-leveling and non-sag sealants. Roof membranes are sold separately. Available in multiple colors, our packages will help lock out water and keep a flexible bond that reflects the sun's rays for a cooler, drier environment. Our flexible roof membranes come in many sizes and colors for most RVs.

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